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Coinbase Index

Introducing Coinbase Index

Coinbase Index tracks the overall performance of the digital assets listed on Coinbase’s Exchange.

The assets are weighted by market capitalization. The index level takes into account the ongoing increases in supply of each asset, not just changes in price.

Index Construction and Methodology

The constituents of Coinbase Index are all the assets listed on Coinbase. The criteria for assets to be listed on Coinbase can be found in the Coinbase Digital Asset Framework.

The index level is calculated by dividing the current combined USD market capitalization of all constituent assets by the market capitalization as at January 1, 2015, the starting date for the Index.

Coinbase Index is reconstituted each time that a new asset is listed on Coinbase.

Data Sources

Coinbase Index is calculated based on the latest price data from Coinbase and the latest total supply of each asset on its blockchain.

Review and Oversight

The Coinbase Index Committee meets once per quarter and is responsible for:

  • Reviewing the accuracy and availability of data sources.
  • Reviewing calculations of the index level for anomalies.
  • Determining whether any changes to the index construction and methodology are required.

You can learn more about Coinbase Index in the following document.

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